Habera Yu

Junior - BFA, Graphic Design Major


As an artist, biblical content is a big part of my work. I see myself as a tool to spread more of biblical content and knowledge that I am aware of. These are reflected on all my non-commercial fine arts work (includes graphic design, music...etc). I value my work because it also points out some of the biggest biblical problems in nowadays society such as false teachings, contemporary Christian culture, apocalyptic thoughts....For this class, I've developed one poster design in three different sizes with frame decoration. it is inspired by my denial attitude towards the Christian culture. In nowadays society, too many people use God's name to spread their own opinions and many people are mislead by those false teachings. Through this poster design, I want to appeal to audience to communicate with and learn from Yahweh himself instead of hearing things and making judgements from all these false teachings. And I want more people to know that so-called "antichrist" are not actually anti-christ but maybe anti-christian culture. I truly hope this message could bring people closer with more love and less hostile. 


Habera Yu is a graphic designer and musician from Shanghai, China. She is currently a graphic design student at Maryland Institute College Of Art GD Department. Her work focuses on biblical content and nowadays Christian culture problems that need to be addressed.